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Getting started is easy

You can freely explore the possibilities through a friendly interaction.
Just indicate your interest using the simple email
Contact form.

I look forward to making custom furniture to your specifications.  Don't worry about construction details, that's my part.  All you need to do is imagine the look and feel of what you want.  And we can work together on that.

Stress Free Process

  1. Review my work on the welcome and gallery pages.  If you like the style and quality of my work then we have made a start.

  2. Imagine what you would like to purchase.  If something in my previous work attracts you then we can start with that.  Alternatively, if you have a picture (or can draw a picture) we can begin there.

  3. Communicate your interest.  I will respond and we can exchange ideas.  I will help you hone your idea, and I will indicate clearly if it is something I am well suited to deliver. Just indicate your interest using the simple email Contact form.

  4. Understand the working process for completing a project.  A full description of the working process can be found on the Details page.

  5. Assign me to do a complete detailed design.  If you commit to this step, I will produce a detailed 3D design drawing that you can display on your computer. You will be able pan, rotate,  and zoom this display from any angle you choose.   I can also forward static drawings of your piece that you can display and/or print out.  The charge for this process is $250.00, which is fully applicable toward your purchase of the item.

  6. Receive a price quote.  At this point I will give you a fixed price that will not change unless you change the specification.  I know you are wondering what the price range is, but it really depends greatly on the design,  As a rough gauge, my furniture prices usually fall in the $800 to $5000 range. The price reflects the custom hand-made quality that I put into every piece.

  7. Commit to the project based on the drawings (and the price).  These drawings serve as my specification of exactly what to build.  So you can rest assured that you know what you are getting.  At this point you will be asked to pay 50% (less the design fee).

  8. Review and Approve photographs of the actual finished piece.  These will show your piece from all angles, including any special views you request.  Based on these you will be asked to make the final payment (including shipping).

  9. Receive delivery of your piece.  For larger pieces, I will build a sturdy crate and send them via freight.

  10. Enjoy the pleasure of owning a hand-crafted custom piece!

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